Pauly D Tops DJs List, Ranked 7th With $11 Million a Year (VIDEO)

Jersey Shore's Pauly D has been announced as the 7th most well paid DJ in the world, raking in over $10 million a year.

There is some profit to being a fist bumper, that is if you can manage to spin tables and fist pump at the same time. Paul D, of the "Jersey Shore" has proven himself quite competent at this task. Born Paul DelVecchio, Pauly D got his start in Rhode Island before being cast as a member of the "Jersey Shore" in 2009 and then being given his own show. Both shows were just enough to launch his career as a successful DJ.

"Everybody was skeptical at first, because how everybody heard about me is probably from Jersey Shore," Pauld D told Forbes magazine. "But now I'm six seasons deep in the show and I've been touring all over the country, touring with major pop acts and stuff like that. That legitimizes everything, and they're starting to say, 'This kid isn't just a reality star, he's an actual DJ.'"

That actual DJ also so happens to make an estimated $40,000 a gig. Pauly D makes an estimated $11 million a year, according to Forbes. Those numbers make Pauly D seventh on Forbes' list of top earning DJs.

While Pauly D only uses his laptop during a DJ gig, he insists that he is more than just a button pusher.

"I'm definitely not a button pusher," he said. "I use turntables. Yes, I use [DJ software] Serato on my computer that only holds the music, but I'm still controlled by vinyl, and I'll never lose that art form. Because that's what I love the most."

However even other DJs have been critical over the credentials of what it takes to be a DJ.

"If I wanted, I could play a ******* .wav file and just stand there and fist-bump all night, and no one would give a ****," Deadmau5 told the Rolling Stone magazine during a July interview.

Deadmau5 landed on the top-paid list just above Pauly D.