'Persona 5' News: More Pieces Of Free DLC Released, Another Set Coming Later This Month

New stickers for the Morgana Car available now for 'Persona 5' players to download for free
YouTube courtesy of AtlusUSAFree DLC items are currently available to download for 'Persona 5'

Several downloadable content items have already been released for "Persona 5" and not all of these are paid add-ons.

Released just recently, players can now get some new stickers for the Morgana Car.

The first of two new stickers features the logo of the Phantom Thieves. The pattern is distinct and helps gives the vehicle a new look and personality that makes it even more appealing to use for players looking to travel in style.

The other new sticker players can now download for free is one that commemorates the 20th anniversary of the "Persona" series, which should make it a must-have for veterans of the role-playing game franchise.

Aside from the stickers, there is also another DLC set that is currently available for players to get.

Made available to "Persona 5" players back on April 11, the "Regular Clothes & School Uniforms Set" allows the Phantom Thieves to sport more casual looks that should enable them to blend in with crowds more easily.

Players can look forward to at least one more free DLC set being released later this month.

Over on the game's official website, developers shared that the "Persona 5 Swimsuit Set" will come out on April 25. As its name implies, this DLC pack contains several articles of clothing that should allow the Phantom Thieves to comfortably enjoy an afternoon at the beach, if they ever manage to find the time for such an outing.

There are also different DLC sets available for players to purchase right now.

Examples of the DLC packs that players can buy are ones that give them access to Personas that were featured in earlier installments as well as additional outfits that were worn by characters who were featured in previous games in the series.

More DLC packs are also expected to be released for "Persona 5" next month.