Personhood USA to Keep Fighting Abortion Despite Recent Setbacks

Personhood USA faced defeat in Mississippi last week in its bid to have human babies in the earliest stage of development granted full legal rights, but the organization said it will not be giving up on the cause.

The organization had declared itself confident before the ruling, but was defeated 58 percent to 42 percent in the largely conservative state. Many said this was a decisive victory for Planned Parenthood and abortion-rights groups, but the pro-life group will now try to get the measure passed in other states, according to Reuters.

Keith Mason, cofounder of Personhood USA, declared that the effort would continue regardless of all setbacks.

“We are disappointed, but I am ready to go again. As long as I have arms, I will keep swinging the sword," said Mason.

Mason went on to share that the group had collected significant signatures in support of their mission from California, Montana, Alabama, and North Dakota.

He accused pro-choice groups of making the measure proposed by Personhood USA sound more extreme than it really is, and assured that birth control pills would not be deemed illegal, and that the mother would still be considered and given higher priority over her unborn child if a decision had to be made on whose life to save.

Another hurdle Personhood USA is facing is that abortion support groups are usually much better founded. Mason said that Planned Parenthood in particular have a very large budget, while Personhood was only able to gather $1 million for its Mississippi campaign.

The cofounder also shared that his organization receive only small donations, but they are committed to using the money to maximize their efforts and tackle other states.

Abortion groups are already getting ready to counter Personhood USA’s efforts, Reuters reported.

"We will be anywhere where choice is under attack," said Ted Miller, a spokesperson for abortion-rights group NARAL Pro-choice.