Peru Earthquake: 5.6 Magnitude Quake Shakes Lima (VIDEO)

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(Reuters/Mariana Bazo)People look the "Christ of the Pacific", which overlooks Lima from the top of Morro Solar hill in Lima's district of Chorrillos. The 37-meters tall statue, partly funded by Peru's President Alan Garcia personal savings with the support of Brazilian entrepreneurs, was built to promote tourism.

A Peru earthquake has struck with a magnitude of 5.6 on Tuesday afternoon, shocking locals.

The moderate quake was reported to have shaken buildings across Peru's capital city Lima on Tuesday.

However, in the immediate aftermath there were no reported injuries to people or damage to buildings.

Eye witnesses seemed to confirm that assessment from officials, with some coming forward to tell Reuters afterwards that although shaking was felt, no widespread damage to buildings and no injuries were seen.

Peru's geological survey recorded the tremor as a 5.6 magnitude quake. However, the USGS measured the quake as a 4.6 magnitude tremor.

Officials have reported that the quake was centered on the floor of the Pacific Ocean about 21 miles (35 kilometers) west of Lima.