Phillip Phillips Wins 'American Idol,' Show Called Racist, Rigged (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)Finalists Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez stand on stage during the 11th season finale of "American Idol" in Los Angeles, California.

The ever so modest Phillip Phillips won "American Idol" Wednesday night, and while some say it was well deserved others have insisted that the show is "rigged."

After the Georgia hometown boy won "American Idol" Wednesday night, many came forward and insisted that that enough was enough on the singing show, which according to some is clearly "racist."

"[In the] last 3 in finals, one was black, who was the best singer, one was brown who was also great singer, one was white who was a karaoke singer; guess who won, the white one of course, when will America stop being racist?" RRedBird commented on Yahoo.

Other news publications also pointed out that Phillips is the fifth consecutive white person to win in a row. The New York Times suggested that perhaps the cause was a fault of voters.

"Mr. Phillips is the fifth fundamentally sensitive white male singer in a row to win the show, a fact probably indicative more of stagnation in the 'Idol' voting base than in a resurgent interest in tepidity," reporter Jon Caramanica wrote.

It has been pointed out however, that more often than not, those who are successful on "American Idol" are most often from the south.

"When it comes to 'American Idol,' hailing from the South is as important as talent," MSNBC reported in 2010. Phillip Phillips will be the ninth Idol winner who hails from a Southern state.

Figures show that those who live in the South are 10 percent more likely to watch "American Idol" and what's more is that after the show is over those same singers are usually more successful.

"'Idol' contestants with broad appeal - those who span musical genres such as country, rock, pop and R&B - are vastly more successful than 'Idol' contestants who closely stick to a single genre. And when it comes to spanning genres, 'Idol's' Southern contestants stand out," wrote MSNBC.

Some viewers simply aren't buying that theory however, and still believe that Idol is set up for certain people to win.

"If you are a good karaoke singer ,white,great looking ,about 18 to 25 you have a good chance of winning,the show is fixed,when they want a person to lose they give them bad songs to sing then say they did not like the performance," RRedbird wrote.

Jessica Sanchez however, who some believed to be the stronger candidate, told MTV that Phillips had fully deserved the crown.

"He deserved it. Literally, he has worked harder than all of us. We've all been working hard, but he's been having to keep up with his health issues with his kidneys, and I think he's been through it a lot more than us mentally and physically," Sanchez said in an interview after the show.