Pippa Middleton Criticized for $1.5 Million Party Book Deal

Pippa Middleton is set to publish a book on how to organize the best parties and become the perfect party host. The flippant subject matter has British media pointing fingers at The Duchess of Cambridge's sister.

The Telegraph reported that Middleton has had two meetings with HarperCollins Publishers and has met with other publishing houses. Earning predictions include $1.5 million from expected royalties, international rights and spin-off projects.

A source told the Daily Mail, "Pippa is very serious about the project and has been going to see publishers personally. Pippa hasn't signed a contract yet but I don't think it will be far off."

Middleton endured attacks from Guardian and the Daily Mail, who criticized her for a book on party planning in the thick of global economic hardships. In addition to printing scathing parodies of how the book might look based on less-than-flattering photos from her college days showing the royal-in-law star attending parties in questionable fashions.

But many commentators justify Middleton's venture into event planning publishing because she already is in the party business as she is employed at Party Pieces, her parent's mail order party shop.

Her role at Party Pieces includes writing for the company blog, The Party Times, where she covers various event-planning topics and provides advice for readers in a variety of party-related posts. Sample posts include "dos and don'ts" such as "the key to creating a wonderful party lies not in spending vast amounts but in planning – from choice of venue, entertainer, and party theme to the selection of food, decorations and of course the birthday cake."

In addition to providing a forum for party planners and elite socialists, Pippa’s blog also speaks to families and children. The blog includes other advice about planning kids’ parties. Past post titles include "Create Your Own Halloween Makeup Faces" and "Party Lighting Ideas for Every Occasion."

The Daily Mail described Party Pieces by writing that "They've made a fortune out of party favors, paper plates and silly hats."

However, parties are not Middleton's only activity. In the past, she has engaged in charity work with worthwhile pursuits like raising the profile of UNICEF in drought-hit Kenya.

British media speculates that Pippa's debut entertaining-in-style book will be published by the 2012 holiday season.