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PlayStation 4's Upcoming 5.5 Firmware Update Brings Graphic Boost to Gamers

PlayStation 4's Upcoming 5.5 Firmware Update Brings Graphic Boost to Gamers

Reuters/Yuya Shino
Gamers playing video games at a Sony Corporation showroom in Tokyo, Japan

PlayStation 4 gamers are looking forward for the release of version 5.5 or 5.50 firmware and the graphical features it will bring. The graphic enhancement supersample anti-aliasing or SSAA will force PS4 Pro consoles connected to non-4K televisions to render a higher resolution for video games.

Sony has yet to announce a release date for the firmware, but gamers are already excited for the supersampling feature. Supersampling will provide sharper images and higher resolution despite the use of 1080p televisions. That means PS4 Pro gamers will enjoy the most out of their console without having to buy a new television just to accommodate the 2160p resolution.

The beta for the 5.5 firmware is already live and the major update is generating great results so far. Eurogamer reported that the supersample anti-aliasing is "a positive move overall and further caveats to this approach are minor." Eurogamer also pointed out that not all titles support super-sampling and it hopes that future titles will. Gamers are now looking forward to more updates from Sony if the SSAA is the only graphical upgrade included in the 5.5 firmware update.

Other than the SSAA, new features such as Play Time Management, Quick Menu, and more will be introduced with the software. The Play Time Management is also one of the major improvements coming to the PS4. This feature will allow parents and guardians monitor their children's playtime every day. "Playtime restrictions" will soon be implemented to promote a manageable playing experience for children.

Another exciting upgrade coming to the PS4 is the ability to upload or import custom wallpapers to consoles via USB.

With the beta still in motion, several gamers are still suggesting other ideas to Sony to be included in the firmware. There are requests for Sony to organize the PlayStation Library better to avoid clutter.


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