Prince Harry Vegas Picture Scandal Lands Royalty 'In Trouble'

British royal family member Prince Harry has stirred controversy after photo of him partying in the nude while in Las Vegas surfaced online Monday.

The 27-year-old was seen covering himself with just his hands in one photograph, while the other revealed the prince with his arms wrapped around what appeared to a female who was also without clothing. TMZ first released the photos.

"This is a mess," said a source close to Harry, according to Us Weekly. "This was not the type of fun he was supposed to be having. He's in trouble."

Although there is a chance that the pictures reveal a man that bears resemblance to Prince Harry, the royal family member's unique pendant necklace can be seen in the images. The circular silver pendant was the same one Harry was spotted wearing shirtless at a pool party Saturday.

It is believed that the images were snapped during a game of strip billiards poker in a VIP suite.

While many are criticizing Harry for his behavior, one source close to the royal family defended the prince.

"He's a lad," the second insider told Us Weekly. "This is just him messing about on holiday. No one was hurt, he's on proper vacation from his work, so he's not breaking any rules. He's using his own money."

Moreover, the insider claimed that the images looked worse than what was really going on in the Vegas hotel room.

"The photos look sleazier than they are," added the source. "They were playing strip billiards."

In light of the scandalous photos, many people are curious about the reactions of Prince Harry's family members.

"William was told about the photos this morning," said a third confidante speaking to Us Weekly about the scandal. "He's not impressed."

Prince William, 30, is married to Kate Middleton and is well known for being far more demure than his younger brother.

During his time in Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, Prince Harry was also seen poolside with friends, including Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, with whom he reportedly raced against during a late night swim.

British broadcasters avoided the scandalous images of Prince Harry, while many American networks have displayed them.

Prince Harry is third in line to the British throne following his father, Charles, and Prince William.