Prince Jackson Set to Testify in Father's Wrongful Death Case

Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson's eldest son, is set to testify today in the wrongful death suit filed by his family against AEG Live.

Attorneys representing the Jackson family are expected to call Prince, 16, to the stand the day after the four-year anniversary marking his father's death from a drug overdose.

Jackson's family filed suit against AEG, citing that the company failed to show proper concern for their client and are inadvertently responsible for pushing Jackson to continue on a tour when they were aware of his worsening condition.

Tuesday marked the fourth anniversary of Jackson's death. Prince, who was 12 years old when his father died, will be the only one of Jackson's three kids to take the stand. It is expected that he will take the stand sometime today after lawyers informed that Paris Jackson, 15, will not take the stand after a suicide attempt earlier this month.

Chef Kai Chase testified last week that a lot of responsibility had been placed on Prince since the death of his father.

"The weight of the world is on his shoulders, the eldest, big brother and father figure to his siblings," Chase said. "It's a lot for him, growing, liking girls. He wishes his father was here to give him advice. It's devastating to him."

In an expert testimony last week it was revealed that the propofol infusions that Dr. Conrad Murray issued to Jackson during the planning days of his tour may have deprived the singer of full REM sleep cycles for at least 60 days. Propofol interferes with the regular sleeping cycle, leaving those who take it feeling rested although they have received no REM sleep, Dr. Charles Czeisler, a Harvard Medical School sleep expert said during testimony transcribed by CNN, in the suit filed by Jackson's family against AEG Live.