'Real Housewives' Caroline Manzo Bullying Teresa Giudice? (VIDEO)

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Caroline Manzo recently responded to bullying criticisms amid her ongoing feud with her Bravo TV co-star Teresa Giudice.

Manzo has received widespread criticism from fans who have blasted her as being a bully following Sunday night's episode in which viewers witnessed a heated exchange take place between Manzo and Giudice at her 50th birthday celebration. Manzo says that she is "fine" with the bully label.

"If [viewers] think I'm a bully, that's fine. I just want my husband and kids to love Caroline Manzo and I'm good. If I have to be the most hated woman in the country because of that moment, so be it. That's my truth," Manzo said during an appearance on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live."

Giudice, 40, made lighthearted jokes about Manzo in one of her best-selling cookbooks, which ultimately sparked the feud with Manzo. She appeared to be stunned and helpless during Sunday night's episode as Manzo refused to accept her apologizes.

"The apologies were always for the cameras, for the public reaction. I'm never going to accept it so [she should] shut up already. Just say to me 'I was so angry about you and I was a b----,'" Manzo said.

"Understand one thing: I have never attacked her, never said anything that wasn't in response to something she said to me. I do get agitated and I'm only human," she added.

During the controversial episode, Manzo slammed Giudice as being an "ugly human being" and a "sociopath" among other things. Despite being criticized for the nasty remarks, she admitted that she does not regret any of her words.

Giudice, who once referred to Manzo as being like family, was defenseless as Manzo proceeded to hurl insults despite Giudice's pleas for peace. During a separate appearance on "Watch What Happens Live," Giudice brushed Manzo off as being an "angry person."

"Caroline thinks she's better than everybody. She's definitely not better than me," Giudice said. "What she says to me doesn't really bother me. Caroline has nothing on me. I don't know what's happening in her head. She's a very angry person."

The news follows reports that Manzo is allegedly so determined to have Giudice kicked off of the hit reality TV show that she has turned to their fellow co-stars, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile, in a bid to gang up on the mother of four, according to Reality Weekly Magazine.

"She's been trying to get the other ladies to all gang up on Teresa and make some kind of ultimatum of 'Teresa or us' to Bravo producers, she believes that could work, but I think she is seriously underestimating the star power of Teresa," a source told Reality Weekly.

"Bravo knows that Teresa is the one that viewers tune in to watch- either love her or hate her, people love to watch her and her drama and there's no way they are going to lose her. Caroline, they could care less about. She doesn't really deliver anything and they wouldn't really care either way if she left or stayed," the insider added.