'Real Housewives' Caroline Manzo Wants Teresa Giudice Kicked Off Show

Real Housewives' Carolina Manzo is reportedly plotting to have her co-star Teresa Giudice fired from the hit Bravo reality TV show after growing tired of their ongoing feud.

Manzo, 50, is reportedly so determined to have Giudice, 40, kicked off of the show that she recently turned to their fellow co-stars, Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile, in a bid to gang up on the mother of four, according to Reality Weekly Magazine.

"She's been trying to get the other ladies to all gang up on Teresa and make some kind of ultimatum of 'Teresa or us' to Bravo producers, she believes that could work, but I think she is seriously underestimating the star power of Teresa," a source told Reality Weekly.

"Bravo knows that Teresa is the one that viewers tune in to watch - either love her or hate her, people love to watch her and her drama and there's no way they are going to lose her. Caroline, they could care less about. She doesn't really deliver anything and they wouldn't really care either way if she left or stayed," the insider added.

Although Giudice is said to have apologized to her co-stars, including Gorga, her sister in law, and Wakile, her cousin, Manzo is reportedly fed up and is no longer threatening to the leave show but instead is desperate to see Giudice kicked off.

"Caroline is sick of the drama that Teresa brings ... But more than that, she's jealous because she knows [Teresa] is the bigger star. It's Teresa who appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, it's Teresa who gets all the magazine covers and it's Teresa that is perceived as the star of the show. Caroline hates it and would love nothing more than to get rid of Teresa … for good!" the source explained.

The former friends became embroiled in a bitter feud after Manzo discovered that Giudice had made a joke about her ethnicity in her best-selling "Fabulicious!" cookbook.

Despite attempts to salvage the friendship, the fighting continued and the pair is now virtually enemies.