'Real Housewives' Tamra Barney, Heather Dubrow, Gretchen Rossi Slammed for 'Bullying' Alexis Bellino (VIDEOS)

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(PHOTO) Courtesy: BravoTV.comReal Housewives of Orange County season 8

Viewers of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" are up in arms over an incident that occurred during episode four of season eight ultimately leaving reality TV star Alexis Bellino crying uncontrollably.

During Monday night's airing, Bellino's co-star Tamra Barney hosted an event which brought the entire cast together. Barney, along with her best friends Heather Dubrow and Gretchen Rossi, wasted no time attacking Bellino, and the trio ganged up on the Christian mother of three in a scenario that was reminiscent of the season seven reunion show.

"I'm not going to do this here. Did you want this to be a lovely night for you? Then don't do this here," Bellino told Barney, who was attempting to address ongoing issues at a table filled with other guests.

"I'll go to lunch with you, I'll go to dinner with you. I'll do anything you want one-on-one, we don't need to do this and ruin your party," she insisted.

"If you wanted [this to be] a lovely night then you wouldn't have come! Bottom line," Rossi sniped at Bellino.

Barney and Rossi continued to prolong the argument and eventually Dubrow also chimed in during a later discussion.

"You never take responsibility for anything! You have a very strange relationship with the truth!" Dubrow told Bellino, who was struggling to defend herself against her relentless co-stars.

Bellino, 32, urged Dubrow to stop being "mean," which only added to Barney's fury.

"If she's being mean, you're being mean!" Barney concluded, to which Bellino asked her to "butt out."

An irate Barney, 46, then attempted to manhandle Bellino after demanding that she "get the f--- out!"

"Don't touch me! I will gladly leave ... don't touch me," an evidently shaken Bellino pleaded.

Rossi, who was once a close friend of Bellino, then began applauding and laughing at the alarming incident. The 34-year-old handbag designer and Dubrow were evidently pleased with Barney's erratic behavior.

Watch the dinner party scene here (WARNING: Adult language and themes).

"I don't feel that I treated [Alexis] poorly ... I had to be honest with myself and with her," Barney said Monday on "Watch What Happens Live" after being branded a "bully" by viewers.

"I have anger issues," Barney eventually conceded. "I didn't have a problem with Alexis being there ... I felt bad after the reunion show ... I don't want her to be singled out."

Viewers flocked to social networking site Twitter after the episode aired, where many expressed outrage at Barney, Rossi and Dubrow.

"#TAMRA U R a disgrace. Classless lady, BULLY! Go take some psychology lessons & learn about etiquette, table manners, appropriate time!" Antonia tweeted.

"I used to adore Heather but now I realize that she lacks the ability to self- assess. Heather you are acting like a bully! ," Sherry tweeted.

"Heather, you are a classless lady who hides behind your husbands money. You are a bully for treating poor Alexis so badly. You are awful," Lara tweeted.

"Gretchen is so despicable! Clapping after Alexis gets attacked, really?? U were also rude to Vicki, grow up! You look foolish. #bully," Peni tweeted.

To see an explanation of what took place, click below.