Rediscovering Your True Identity

Have you noticed how society seems to increasingly want to influence our God-given identities? We get labels tagged on our backs to describe our race, background, life experiences, gender, past mistakes, health, marital status, job situation, worth and much more. After a while, it’s like we end up being a collage of labels with the real person God created missing in action. Even us Kingdom folk (co-heirs to the Throne, might I add) get caught up in these pseudo-identities and start to living up to them.

Therefore, it’s high time we wake up and reclaim our true identities in Christ. By doing so, we become a formidable threat to the enemy and can progress Gods plans. Settling for anything less means we fail to experience Gods abundance and no longer walk as a royal priesthood. We end up being like ‘Princes walking on the ground like servants’ as Solomon puts it in Ecclesiastes 10:7, whilst servants are riding on horses. What a travesty yet this is the reality for many today.

Modern Times, Same Old Tricks

Take a walk through history and you will see the hallmarks of the devil up to his old tricks. He whispered lies into the ears of Eve (Genesis 3). Today, many of us (men and women) still lend our ears to him. He convinced ten of the twelve spies Moses sent out to spy out Canaan that they were no more than grasshoppers (Numbers 13-14). As a result, many still believe, “We are not able….” (Numbers 13:31). Goliath tried to intimidate David by making him feel he was not a worthy opponent (1 Samuel 17). Today, many of us never rise up to take our rightful place or stand our ground. The chances are there many Joshua’s, Jeremiah’s and Timothy’s out there who are sitting on their ‘blessed assurance’ after being labelled ‘too young’ to lead Gods people or speak on Gods behalf.

Even Jesus was not exempted. However, despite the constant rejection and challenges to His identity and authority, Jesus depicted someone who truly knew 1) who He was (i.e. who He was created to be), 2) His standing with God (i.e. His relationship with the Father), 3) His God-given authority, and 4) His mission (what He was created to do). Have you noticed that these are exactly the same threats, we too, face today? Why? Because the devil knows if he can get us to merely question any of these areas, albeit for a moment, he can get a foothold and take us down a slippery slop. Therefore, we need to remain on guard.

Reclaiming Our Identities

Thankfully, God knew the challenges we would face as a result of the fall. And so He put a few things in place. Firstly, Christ was sent to set us free and restore everything including our identity and standing with God. All that was lost through Adam has been restored through Christ. And now, we can walk like princes and co-heirs to the throne because that’s who we really are. We just need to think like a prince and act like one.

Secondly, God knew there would be times we would loose sight of our true selves for whatever reason or even have our identities, authority and purpose challenged. And so He inspired men to write the Bible as reminders along our journey. Notice how many ‘fear not’, ‘be strong’, or ‘be encouraged’ statements are in the Bible in addition to the plethora of affirming, self-esteem boosting and hope-giving accounts too. They are there to give us a lift when needed.

It’s All In The Mind

To discover and maintain our identity requires work. We must continually renew our minds (Romans 12:1-2). Gods Word helps us purge ourselves from the constant bombardment that speaks lies to our souls. Without it, we get muddled, diluted and eventually ‘washed out’ or as Jesus likes to put it, ‘loose our saltiness’. And so, we need to play our part by reminding ourselves (and others) of Gods spiritual truths about us.

The issue of our self-identity, worth and esteem is one of the several themes we shall be tackling in this years Overcoming Emotional Baggage Women's Conference (October 8th, London – Why? For all the reason mentioned above. Moreover, without such conferences, we end up settling and become accepting of that which ought to infuriate us and compel us to action. Seeing that the enemy has not relented, why should we?

In closing, I encourage you to cast away everything including ungodly labels and identities that heavily beset you (Hebrews 12:1-2) and assume your ‘real’ identity. Don’t waste another day living as a ‘grasshopper’ or mere shadow of the great man/woman God created you to be.

And as for my final request to you, will the REAL you please stand up and take your place. We need the greatness God has deposited in you. And when you arise and shine, I am encouraged to do the same too. So will you?

Gladys Famoriyo, award-winning author, speaker and coach, is the author of Overcoming Emotional Baggage: A Woman’s Guide To Living The Abundant Life (ISBN: 0-924748-73-7). Gladys is passionate about developing Gods people and provides a number of services for individuals, groups, churches and organisations. To find out more or subscribe to her eZine, log on to or call +44 (0) 870 750 1969.