Rihanna Wears Profane Shoes on 'The X Factor'

Rihanna is the subject of controversy after her latest performance in the United Kingdom’s "The X Factor" had some viewers turning heads for objectionable content instead of revealing clothing.

A story recently broke claiming Rihanna was going to tone down her sexualized appearance and videos as she wants people to focus more on the music than the controversy.

However, the problem this time was not Rihanna's clothing, the singer apparently had profanities written on her shoes.

The Telegraph reported her shoes said, "F*** Off."

"There were no close-up shots of Rihanna's shoes," said a spokesperson. "We believe the performance was suitable."

The last time Rihanna appeared on the show, she was blasted for wearing a provocative outfit.

Her video for "We Found Love," was banned from playing before 10 p.m. in France. The Supreme Audiovisual Council of France said the drug use, domestic violence, and sexual inappropriateness of that video made it not suitable to be played before that hour.

"We love, obviously, to do provocative imagery ... we always try to definitely push the limits," said Melina Matsoukas, the video's director. "I think because, in the end, it's not really at all about domestic violence. It's really just about it being toxic, and they're on this drug trip and that definitely plays a part, but I think it's also about being triumphant over those weaknesses, and she leaves him. It's not trying to glorify that type of relationship. The bad parts of it, that's what you don't want. In the end, her leaving, it represents her getting that out of her life. The drugs and the addiction and the toxic - that's what brings her downfall and brings a lot of harm."

The singer's video for "S&M" was also banned upon its release in February.

Rihanna's music and videos are under heavy fire as Christian leaders, anti-violence groups, and some music fans fear her suggestive lyrics and themes are damaging young women's thinking.

"Rihanna's new video is a disgrace. It sends the message that she is an object to be possessed by men, which is disturbingly what we see in real violence cases," said Eileen Kelly of the Rape Crisis Center in England.

"Man Down" is a music video that allegedly glorifies murder in certain situations, and "S&M" is a music video that is banned in 11 countries due to its explicit sexual nature.

Youth Pastor of Oasis Christian Center in Staten Island Brandon Ward said Rihanna is damaging the moral and self-worth of young impressionable teens.

"The real issue is that it moves the moral center more towards the obscene. That it becomes more normal to be more sexually promiscuous, because they are bombarded with imagery that is loaded with innuendo, and that is seen as normal, even preferred," said Pastor Ward.

"If girls and women find their identity and self-worth in the approval of people, they will do whatever it takes to become popular and loved. When stars like Rihanna, who blast sexuality, are thrust into the limelight, girls tend to think that is the way for them to be valuable. God tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully mad…bearing His image. Rihanna is selling a lie,” the pastor added.