Rob Kardashian Reveals Prayers For Kim Kardashian's Baby

Rob Kardashian is speaking up about his sister Kim Kardashian's recent birthing experience.

Kim, 32, gave birth to a baby girl reportedly named North West on June 15. While she and rapper boyfriend Kanye West were first time parents, the 32-year-old reality television star's brother said he had been praying for his older sister.

"[It's] a healthy baby," Kardashian told E! News Friday. "All I did was sit there and pray for a healthy baby."

Although the Kardashians have a large family that they showcase on the reality television show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," the sole Kardashian brother in the bunch revealed that Kim only wanted one person in the delivery room with her.

"I actually tried to go over to see her," he told E! News. "She just wanted to have calm, peace-just my mom and her. It was all good, though."

The new Kardashian mother has received support from others in her family publicly. Her sister, Khloe Kardashian-Odom spoke about the momentous occasion on Twitter.

"I can not even begin 2describe the miracle that is now apart of our family. Mommy/baby are healthy &resting (SIC)," Kardashian-Odom tweeted to over 8 million fans Sunday. "We appreciate all of the love."

Although the Kardashians have not shied away from living their lives in front of reality television cameras, Kardashian-Odom made it clear that fans should not immediately expect to hear all of the details about the newest addition to the family.

"More info will come when the time is right! Thank you all for understanding," she tweeted. "We love you all dearly! Overwhelmed with love right now."

Kris Jenner, the Kardashian matriarch, reposted Kardashian-Odom's message on Instagram and added one of her own while giving reverence to God.

"God is so amazing!!! #Jesuslovesthelittlechildren," Jenner tweeted.

Kardashian told her friend and show's producer Ryan Seacrest about motherhood via email recently.

"Can't believe it," Kardashian responded, according to Seacrest. "It's so crazy!"