Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Have Spoken 'Almost Every Day' Since Dog Date Reunion

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are reportedly in regular contact following their recent dog date, months after their abrupt split.

On Oct. 30 the "Twilight" stars, who split in May over trust issues, reportedly spent three hours together at the British actor's Beverly Hills home during a dog date for their pets Bernie and Bear. Pattinson, 27, had previously cut off all contact with Stewart, 23, for months shortly after their split to help them both move on with their lives.

The "Camp X Ray" star was reportedly seen enjoying a night out with Pattinson days after their Dog date on Nov. 2 and the following day, she traveled to New York. The exes have reportedly kept in contact by communicating daily.

"Kristen and Rob have been in constant communication since she's been in New York. They speak on the phone almost every day and also send each other texts and photos," an alleged friend of Stewart's told

"Rob has a way of bringing out her goofy, silly side and vice versa," the insider explained. "No doubt, they will see each other as soon as she gets back. She's expected to come back soon - any day."

Stewart is said to be coping with their split a lot easier since Pattinson agreed to resume contact with the actress. Reports previously described her as being devastated after no longer being able to speak with her best friend.

"It was Rob's decision that the two of them not communicate for a while. Rob felt like it was just too difficult for the two of them to move on if they kept in contact," a source said previously.

"Rob was in no way nasty about it," the friend said. "He actually thought he was helping Kristen by setting this boundary of no communication - that it would actually speed up the recovery process."

Despite ongoing reconciliation speculation, Pattinson and Stewart are said to be "just friends" at this time. The actor reportedly ended their four-year relationship in May as he struggled to move past Stewart's 2012 affair with a married man.