Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors: Upcoming Device to Introduce 'Force Touch' Feature

Reuters/Kim Hong-JiSamsung Galaxy Note 8 to be launched on Aug. 23

As the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 draws nearer, more rumors and speculations on what the device may offer continue to circulate online. However, if recent reports are to be believed, the upcoming mobile device may ditch its physical Home button and replace it with its pressure-sensitive display.

According to reports, Samsung is introducing a "force touch" display through its upcoming Galaxy Note 8. This feature, allegedly, will allow the device to determine how hard the user presses down on the screen and can expand similarly to iPhone's 3D Touch technology.

It is suggested that the Galaxy Note 8 is ditching the physical Home button on the bezel of the mobile device so that it can have a wider display. After all, it is said that the trend for smartphones this year is going almost bezel-less. Hence, it is not really surprising if the Galaxy Note 8 resorts to the use of a pressure-sensitive digital button at the bottom part of its screen to activate the phone's home.

While reports claiming that the Samsung Galaxy Note will ditch its physical Home button are unconfirmed at this point in time, it is suspected that the alleged "force touch" feature is the very reason why the upcoming device will come with a relatively smaller battery as compared to its predecessor, the controversial Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

It has been learned that the motor Apple uses for its 3D Touch feature is relatively large that it forced Apple to reduce the size of its iPhone 6S' battery so that it can accommodate the said hardware. If the Galaxy Note 8 is, indeed, to adapt the same technology, then it is perfectly understandable why its battery will be smaller.

As of this writing, no one outside Samsung can confirm whether the Galaxy Note 8 will really have a "force touch" feature. However, some tech pundits opine that, if ever it will have, it is another case of Samsung and Apple's borrowing of ideas from each other.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be launched on Aug. 23, it is suspected to hit the store shelves not earlier than Sept. 15.