Sanctus Real 'Run' Nominated for Dove Award

In what proved to be a good week for Sanctus Real, their latest album, Run, was just nominated for a Dove Award for Best Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year, and a new music video was released for hit single, "Pray."

"Pray" is currently charting on the AC Monitored charts, and band's two members, Matt Hammitt and Mark Graalman just returned from a missions trip to El Salvador with Compassion International.

"This week has been an exciting one for us! To return from an amazing Compassion International trip, to hearing that Run was nominated for a Dove Award, and now getting to release what I feel is possibly our most visually stunning video to date is just a really good feeling! We're very humbled by all this and truly feeling thankful to The Lord for all of His goodness to us," said Graalman in a press release.

Sanctus Real has announced "The Run Tour," will see them travel to 30 cities across the U.S. starting September 19 and ending in November.

Joining Santus Real on the tour are Citizen Way, The Neverclaim and Everfound. The bands will be sponsored by Compassion International.

"The Run Tour is a chance for us to come together every night and relay our passion for God through the songs we're excited to share from our new album," said Sanctus Real's co-founder and guitarist Chris Rohman in a press release. "We wanted to throw things back to what it felt like when we first started touring and the fact that we've always enjoyed hitting the road with fresh, up and coming bands. We are thrilled that these bands are joining us and I think once our fans see a show. They'll understand our excitement too!"

Sanctus Real released their sixth studio album, Run, back in February. Their current single is "Pray," which was pre-ceded by "Promises."

"We've devoted the better part of our lives writing songs that we pray will matter," said singer Matt Hammit of his 16 years of playing with the band.

Sanctus Real The Run Tour dates:
9/19 - Independence, OH
9/20 - Toledo, OH
9/21 - Willard, OH
9/22 - Greenville, OH
9/25 - Grand Rapids, MO
9/27 - Springfield, MO
9/28 - Crystal Springs, MS
10/4 - Fredericton, NB
10/5 - Augusta, ME
10/6 - Houghton, NY
10/18 - St. Paul, MN
10/19 - Clear Lake, IA
10/20 - Mt. Vernon, IL
10/23 - Odon, IN
10/24 - Warsaw, IN
10/26 - Jacksonville, NC
10/27 - Arlington, VA
11/16 - La Crosse, WI
11/17 - Waukesha, WI