Scarlett Johansson Does Weather for Al Roker (VIDEO)

Scarlett Johansson fulfilled her lifelong dream on Tuesday by filling in for Al Roker as the weatherman on the Today show.

Al Roker proved himself to be a dedicated weatherman on Tuesday morning when he arrived to work with a case of laryngitis. Just "a little laryngitis" the weatherman said in a raspy voice at the beginning of the show while speaking to Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer.

"Oh my goodness! A lot of laryngitis!" Guthrie exclaimed. Roker and Lauer then joked about how contagious Roker might be. At one point, Lauer threatened to have his coat dry-cleaned after Roker got too close.

"Ok, go do the weather," Lauer said shaking off his coat. "Does anyone know where we can find a weather person?" Guthrie prompted, suggesting that Roker is too sick to do his job.

Fortunately the cast was able to find a willing volunteer: none other than Scarlet Johansson herself.

"I'm volunteering," Johansson said, raising her hand.

"Miss, do you have any experience?" Lauer asked.

"I have a lot of experience with weather, yes," the actress responded back in jest. "I'd say this is my dream come true, doing the weather with Al Roker."

"No, you're doing the weather for Al Roker," Lauer responded.

And the weather she did. Johansson made her best attempt to share the weather conditions while holding a wavering piece of paper in her hand and she appeared slightly nervous. The star attempted a few waves at the Doppler map, although for the most part she was a bit off of direction.

The actress did however manage the famous Roker line: "Here's what's happening in your neck of the woods."

Whether or not Johannson was completely accurate, fans didn't seem to mind.

"Always dreamed of ScarJo becoming a weather girl," one fan wrote on the Entertainment weekly blog.

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