Selena Gomez's Alleged Stalker Displays 'Bizarre Mental Fits' in Court

In a bizarre appearance, Thomas Brodnicki, the Des Plaines, Ill., man accused of stalking TV star Selena Gomez, pleaded not guilty in a Los Angeles court, Thursday, to charges that he stalked the 19-year-old starlet over the last three months.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Upinder Kalra enumerated the restrictions in a protective order sought by the actress, which, among other specific warnings, forbade Brodnicki from harassing, threatening, assaulting, sexually or otherwise, follow, stalk or molest the "Wizards of Waverly Place" star.

While Kalra recited the restrictions in his protective order, Brodnicki appeared to offer a series of mental fits that seemed to confirm reports that he has suffered from mental illness.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Brodnicki has already been convicted twice on stalking charges.

 The 46-year-old faced charges in 2003 that he stalked a waitress at a Des Plaines restaurant. He was convicted in 2008 and ordered to spend three years in prison, but this followed a finding that he was unfit to stand trial in 2007 and was reportedly re-committed to a facility specializing in mental illness.

It is uncertain how much of the three -ear term Brodnicki actually served but he was arrested again months after his sentencing in July of 2008 and charged with cyberstalking. Brodniki pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced in May of 2010 to three years in prison. There is speculation that Brodnicki might have gotten credit for time served which might explain his being free today.

In the current Gomez case, Judge Kalra set bail at $150,000 and stipulated that the protective order remain in place for three years.

According to various reports, Gomez related information by authorities which said that Brodnicki had journeyed from Chicago to Los Angeles to meet her. Authorities also said that the convicted stalker spoke of having conversations with God about killing the starlet.

Selena already received a temporary restraining order against Brodnicki on Oct. 13, when it was learned that he had visited her place of work on three occasions.