Shut the Door On Temptation!

 Harvest Church Pastor Greg Laurie recently outlined the five steps of temptation beginning with evil thought knocking on "the door of your imagination" and ending with death as the result of the wages of sin.

"Temptation is attractive otherwise it wouldn't be tempting," said Laurie during last Sunday's church sermon. "The devil is really good at this and he's been doing it a long time.

The Southern California pastor, best known for his huge evangelistic outreach events called Harvest Crusades, said that temptation is something that no one lives without experiencing, not even Jesus.

"But Jesus is the only one who never gave in to it. Though He was God, Jesus was also a man, and He felt the draw of temptation just as we do," Laurie's sermon notes state. Laurie uses Jesus' temptation in Luke 4 as a model of how we should react when tempted. He explains several aspects of temptation, including what our primary weapon against it should be.