'Silicon Valley' Season 5 News: Newly Released Trailer Shows Pied Piper Flourishing, Richard Without a Home

Facebook/SiliconHBOPromotional image for 'Silicon Valley'

HBO has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming fifth season of "Silicon Valley."

The teaser, which runs at almost a minute and a half, opens with Richard (Thomas Middleditch) and his team arriving to a room full of people — their employees, to be specific. Of course, the introverted and awkward Richard becomes nervous at the sight of so many people, but Jared (Zach Woods) is more thrilled about the new chapter in their lives than the Pied Piper founder.

With the company welcoming new employees, Jared figured that Richard should deliver some opening remarks before abruptly introducing him to everyone as the CEO of Pied Piper. Some of them clap — albeit unenthusiastically — and Richard gasps for air as he attempts to form words. The pressure and stage fright get to him, so he excuses himself for a brief moment.

He goes into his office, where he proceeds to throw up in the trash bin. He asks Jared not to tell anyone about him vomiting. And, while the loyal Jared promises to keep his mouth shut, everyone finds out anyway because Richard's office has glass walls. Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) takes a photo of the humiliating moment, and Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) asks for a copy.

Of course, Pied Piper will still have to deal with Gavin Belson (Matt Ross), who runs into Richard at a fancy event. Gavin, as always, belittles Richard and his "bunny internet," but Richard corrects him. The following scenes show Pied Piper at work, Monica (Amanda Crew) worrying about the staff, and a lot of shenanigans ahead.

Finally, Richard, Gilfoyle and Dinesh have nowhere to stay, as Jian Yang (Jimmy O. Yang) reveals to them that Erlich is gone, and the incubator belongs to him now. It can be recalled that T.J. Miller, who played Erlich Bachman, departed the series after season 4. It has been said that season 5 will feel "very different" without the overly arrogant character.

"Silicon Valley" season 5 will premiere on March 25 on HBO.