'Skull & Bones' News: Ubisoft Says Single-Player Content is 'Woven' in Game Story

YouTubeScreenshot of "Skull & Bones" E3 2017 multiplayer gameplay trailer.

Players are looking forward to the upcoming action video game from Ubisoft that was announced during the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo, "Skull & Bones."

According to Video Gamer, "Skull & Bones" is a naval warfare action game where gamers choose a pirate captain avatar and create alliances with other players. Together, they will sail the seas and lord over the waters. Throughout the game, players can collect a variety of ships, as well as find treasure.

Ubisoft has revealed that "Skull & Bones" is a multiplayer, but many fans are waiting for word if they plan to include any single-player content.

Creative director Justin Farren told GameSpot that this feature would be "woven" in the story itself, right when players are fostering relationships with other groups. They may also feel it when they defeat their first kingpin or when they start their own safe house.

When asked what would his response be to those who do not like the player-versus-player mode, Farren said he hopes they give it a try. He added that it would be a waste if the game would only be a "one-off campaign."

"I certainly hope that people will try to do our PvP, because we think it's pretty compelling and it's not a different ... like Call of Duty when you play campaign and you go online, [and you get something very different]," the creative director said.

He added: "I worked on Gears for a while and the players who play Gears multiplayer, they are different some times than the players who really invest in campaign. We want to bring those experiences closer together. For it to be a, you know, a one-off campaign that's consumed, would be a shame." 

Meanwhile, Farren made it clear that the multiplayer would adopt the "shared-narrative" approach, where players can broadcast or stream their thoughts to their heart's content. He also revealed that the "Skull & Bone's" story would span many months and years, giving the players the unique experience where they can "change the world" over the course of time.

"Skull & Bones" is expected to be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018.