Soldier Watches Webcam in Horror as Pregnant Wife Stabbed, Attacked

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(Photo: Facebook / Rachel Poole)While Justin Poole was deployed in Asia, his wife Rachel was attacked by a man to whom the couple had lent money.

A Texas woman who was nine-months pregnant was stabbed in the face and stomach while her deployed husband watched in horror on his phone on October 30.

Rachel Poole, 31, had just returned to her house and begun using the Apple videoconferencing application FaceTime with her husband Justin, when an intruder inside the house attacked her with a knife. Rachel, who recognized her attacker and screamed his name to her husband repeatedly, was ultimately able to call 911, reported KFOX14.

This past weekend, Rachel delivered a healthy baby through C-section, though she herself has not been as fortunate, suffering fractures and stab wounds to the face and body. She also has lost vision in one of her eyes.

Justin's roommate has set up a crowd-funding page for individuals to donate to pay for couple's medical bills which at press time had raised over $20,000 for the couple.

Police believe that Rachel's attacker was 19-year-old Corey Bernard Moss, who hid out in the Poole's house, waiting until Rachel returned home. Moss reportedly owed the couple money for vehicle repairs.

He has been charged with criminal attempted capital murder and is currently in jail with his bond set at $60,000.

Justin, who had been deployed in east Asia for the past nine months, returned to his family over the weekend but not before expressing his anger at the incident over social media

"I promised to give my life for this freedom not the other way around. I failed her but never again," he wrote on Facebook.

After he heard that Rachel had lost vision in an eye and asked him if that was a "deal breaker" in their relationship, Justin responded that he was committed to his wife until the end.

"My wife is my wife til I'm no longer breathing. No man can change that and though I was not here to protect her this time it will never happen again that's my word," he wrote.