Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition Pre-order NiGHTMARE DLC Available for Limited Time

With the release of Sonic Lost World on its way, Sega is offering a special DLC called NiGHTMARE for the Deadly Six Bonus Edition pre-order through a redeemable code obtained after the transaction.

The bonus is an extra level that can be played at any time during the game. The theme is inspired by another Sega franchise, NiGHTS.

Upon completing the level, Sonic will receive a special color power as a reward.

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Sonic Lost World will be released soon in North America on Oct. 29 for the Wii U and 3DS. It has already debuted in Europe and Australia to mixed reviews.

Early reviews for the games have said the 3DS version of the game is superior to the Wii U version, continuing the tradition of the Sega Sonic Team perhaps trying to do too much with everyone's beloved hedgehog.

The 3DS version is praised for its good graphics, solid level design, and gameplay.

The Wii U version suffers from bad camera angles and poor instruction in utilizing an arsenal of new moves Sonic knows, as well as poor level design that slows him down instead of speeds him up. However, the graphics are said to be among the best of the Wii U thus far.

The game is in both 3D and 2D, and as in the most recent additions, many enjoyed the 2DS Sonic more because of the nostalgic feel. However, reviews for Kotaku felt the game was its best when moving away from the frustrating play of the 2D.

Sonic Lost World has stages that are reminiscent of earlier games in the franchise, but adds the 3D action-platform element to it for both the Wii U and handheld version for the 3DS.

The level designs are all on a cylinder in a forward-scrolling and sometimes side-scrolling 3D world sort of in the vein of Mario Galaxy.