'Sonic Mania' Launch Delayed to Summer 2017

SEGA'Sonic Mania' promotional image

Another classic gaming character, Sonic the Hedgehog, is coming to the Nintendo Switch and other consoles. However, his arrival under the game "Sonic Mania" was recently pushed back to summer of 2017.

In a panel discussion during the recently concluded South by Southwest conference, "Sonic Mania" publisher Sega was in attendance to talk about one of their most classic franchises coming to the latest Nintendo console.

According to reports, Sega has announced in the said event that the "Sonic Mania" game will not be ready for its initially announced release timeframe in spring. Instead, the video game company will have to postpone "Sonic Mania's" launch to the summer of this year.

As the news outlet Nintendo Life reported, Sega reiterates that the additional time for development is necessary to bring out the best possible version of the game to avoid disappointing fans of the most famous hedgehog in the gaming world.

This was echoed by a statement provided by a Sega representative to IGN, saying, "For SEGA, quality is most important. We stated this last year, and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make Sonic games the highest quality possible. Though we like to go fast, sometimes, for a great game, you must also wait."

The upcoming "Sonic Mania" game will still feature its familiar 2D side-scrolling platform gameplay. Developers Headcannon and PagodaWest Games also promised to deliver the same visual style and animation that franchise fans have grown to love. It will definitely send fans of the "Sonic the Hedgehog" game titles to a nostalgic vibe.

Reports also mentioned that, to make up for the launch delay, Sega has announced a new game level called the Flying Battery Zone. The said gameplay stage will sound familiar to avid fans since it was introduced in the early '90s titles "Sonic and Knuckles" and "Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles."

"Sonic Mania" will be available for the Nintendo Switch as well as for the Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.