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Space Dinosaurs Could Be as Intelligent as Humans?

Space Dinosaurs Could Be as Intelligent as Humans?

A new scientific paper that was recently published puts forth the idea that there could exist a super intelligent dinosaur species somewhere in the vastness of space.

The paper titled, "Evidence for the Likely Origin of Homochirality in Amino Acids, Sugars, and Nucleosides on Prebiotic Earth" by Ronald Breslow, puts forth the idea that through evolution and the combination of the amino acids orientation that super-smart dinosaurs could exist.

The article was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society and it is the last few paragraphs of the paper which are grabbing all the attention.

"An implication from this work is that elsewhere in the universe there could be life forms based on D amino acids and L sugars, depending on the chirality of circular polarized light in that sector of the universe or whatever other process operated to favor the L α‐methyl amino acids in the meteorites that have landed on Earth."

What Breslow was hinting at is the idea that our planet was "seeded" by a meteorite and that it contained both sugars and amino acids which are thought to be the building blocks of life, and that this process could happen elsewhere in space.

In the paper Breslow explained that amino acids and other genetic material exist mainly in one orientation or shape. Presently there are two possible orientations that are known; left and right.

This concept is known as "chirality" and for life to be created amino acids, proteins and sugars must contain only one chiral form.

Breslow explained that it is the combination of these basic molecules which gave all life there specific characteristics and that this process quite possibly is occurring throughout the universe. This occurrence, as described by Breslow would lead to highly evolved animals rivaling humans.

"Such life forms could well be advanced versions of dinosaurs, if mammals did not have the good fortune to have the dinosaurs wiped out by an asterodial collision, as on Earth."


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