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'Super Mario Odyssey' News: Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi Will Consider Adding DLC if a 'Really Cool Idea' Emerges

Paid DLC not yet offered for the game

'Super Mario Odyssey' News: Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi Will Consider Adding DLC if a 'Really Cool Idea' Emerges

DLC additions could be added to 'Super Mario Odyssey' in the future | Nintendo

"Super Mario Odyssey" has enjoyed plenty of success ever since it was first released back in October of last year.

It has managed to amaze fans by offering an engaging brand of gameplay that prominently features Mario using his old tricks while also utilizing some new moves made possible by the introduction of Cappy.

Players have already spent plenty of time inside this particular game world, and many of them would like to extend their stay.

The good news for fans is that they will be given more reasons to continue playing the game, even if they have already seen all that it currently has to offer.

That is because developers are set to add the new feature known as "Luigi's Balloon World" to the game, and this will provide players with things to do after they go through the main story. While trying out this activity, players will have the option of either hiding or finding balloons. They will also earn varying amounts of coins depending on how well they hide or locate the balloons.

Notably, there may still be other additions coming to "Super Mario Odyssey" beyond just "Luigi's Balloon World."

Speaking recently to Game Informer, producer Yoshiaki Koizumi did not rule out the possibility that there may still be DLC additions coming to the game.

According to Koizumi, if a "really cool idea" popped up that they could do, then they would consider adding DLC, NintendoEverything reported.

At this point, it is unclear if any idea has emerged that has piqued the interest of Koizumi and the other developers, though there is certainly still time for that to happen. If fans are still holding on to some ideas, now may be the time for them to throw them out there and see if the developers will pick up on them.

More news about "Super Mario Odyssey" should be made available soon.


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