'Super Mario Odyssey' Review: Why the Nintendo Switch Game is Considered the Best in the Series

Facebook/Super MarioGaming pundits agree that "Super Mario Odyssey" is the best game in the franchise.

While "Super Mario Odyssey" was released last October, gaming fans still cannot stop talking about how exciting and fun-filled the game is.

For many of those who have already purchased and played the game, "Super Mario Odyssey" brings the game series to the more open level-design of games in the likes of "Super Mario 64" and "Super Mario Sunshine" as it sends the players to various locations around the world, including the prehistoric Fossil Falls and realistic-human-inhabited New Donk City. As the game also gives Mario a new ability to capture a wide range of enemies with the use of his haunted hat, Cappy, and other objects, many fans of the "Super Mario" series of games can't help but fall in love with it.

Gaming pundits opine that "Super Mario Odyssey" is the best "Super Mario" 3D game. Apart from its level design, Mario's movements and the collectibles featured in the game just work altogether to make it a practically perfect game that many "Super Mario" fans have been wanting for long.

Some, on the other hand, rave about how good the water-based kingdoms of the game are. While water levels in other "Super Mario" games are typically the slowest, the same thing cannot be said about them in "Super Mario Odyssey."

Because "Super Mario Odyssey" fell in the good graces of its fans, it is not surprising why it is selling like hotcakes, so to speak. In fact, according to reports, the game sold more than two million copies within the first three days of its release last October.

Although the game was recently sold at an 18 percent discounted price on Amazon, where it was sold for $49 only instead of $60, the promo has already ended, presumably because of the game's demand. Nonetheless, there is still no denying that, with all the positive reviews about the game, "Super Mario Odyssey" is one of the best Christmas gifts every "Super Mario" fan will receive.