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Tesla Model 3 Build Appalling Despite Positive Owner Reviews Says One Publication

Tesla Model 3 Build Appalling Despite Positive Owner Reviews Says One Publication

First production model of Tesla Model 3 out the assembly line in Fremont, California , U.S. is seen in this undated handout photo from Tesla Motors obtained by Reuters July 10, 2017. | Tesla Motors/Handout via REUTERS

The Tesla Model 3 may be a hit with consumers but professional reviewers aren't too impressed with the new mass market model. In fact, critics are downright appalled by the vehicle's build despite many owners espousing the opposite.

As the company approaches 10,000 vehicle milestone, some electric vehicle publications believe a reality check is in order. A recent article from Green Car Reports clearly didn't hold back with a title bluntly calling the Model 3 "terrible."

According to the publication, the build quality of the vehicle they tested back in February was, in a word, appalling. Their verdict was that while the vehicle worked largely as intended, its build quality is perhaps the worst seen on any new car from any maker over the last 10 years.

They highlighted the failings of the Tesla Model 3 in nine bullet points. These include misaligned body panels, widely varying gaps between panel edges, headlights protruding above panels in some places, sunken below them in others, and glove box door that didn't sit square in its opening.

Sadly, this is far from an isolated case as other publications seem to agree with Green Car's review. A review posted by Edmunds in the Los Angeles Times echoed the same verdict calling out the Model 3's lack of refinement.

"Tesla's scramble to increase its Model 3 production seems to have adversely affected Model 3 build quality," the report said. "Body panel gaps are inconsistent, reflecting a lack of attention to detail, and this applies not only to our own car, but even to Model 3s we've seen on display."

While most owners' opinions of vehicle seem to be the opposite of what professional reviewers have to say, some customer's experience with the Model 3 weren't too great as well.

Some have suffered blown main fuses in their Model 3 battery packs, varying and unexplained error messages that power down the car, and numerous other issues.

It seems that in their rush to put out the Model 3 into the market, Tesla was forced to forgo a lot of polishing. Nevertheless, some owners are probably more than happy to own their very own Tesla despite some of the mass market model's failings.