'The Bible' Episode 4: Who Is This Man Called Jesus? (Pt. 2) (PHOTOS)

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the bible lazarus tomb
Jesus leaving Lazarus' tomb in a scene from The History Channel's "The Bible" on Sunday, March 24, 2013. |

As Jesus' popularity grows and he draws larger crowds, so grows the fear of the Pharisees. Someone reports back to them that Jesus attracted some 5,000 people.

Around a campfire, Jesus sits with his disciples who say to him that some people say that he is the messiah, and they ask him if he is going to be their king. "Who do you think I am?" Jesus responds. Peter replies, "You are the son of God." Jesus says he couldn't have known this by merely their relationship, and it was revealed to him by God, and "on this rock I will build my Church."

"The Bible" portrays the disciples as human and just trying to figure out who Jesus is. Earlier, they were arguing about why Jesus recruited the sinner tax collector Matthew, and in this scene they are arguing as they load the boat to meet Jesus on the other side. Judas wants Jesus to be a conqueror while another disciple point out that they're risking their lives for Jesus. Mary Magdalene, who is portrayed as one of the person who really understands Jesus, quiets them down with her explanation.

As they sail across the sea, they meet a terrifying storm and they spot Jesus standing on water. Peter hears Jesus calling him to not be afraid and to come, so Peter walks out on water and is successful as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus. But the moment he turns back to look at the boat and then looks up when he hears lightening, he begins to sink. "Peter, you of little faith, why did you doubt? You need to be strong," Jesus says to Peter.

the bible jesus and mary
Jesus and his mother Mary in a scene from The History Channel's "The Bible" on Sunday, March 24, 2013. |

Mary, mother of Jesus, played by "The Bible" producer Roma Downy, is introduced for the first time in episode 4. Mary knows who Jesus really is since the angel Gabriel came to her. After Jesus reads a popular scripture about the prophecy concerning the coming of the messiah and upsets the Pharisees, he meets Mary briefly on the streets before fleeing and he tells her, "it has begun," and Mary nods.

At this point the Pharisees and some people chase Jesus and the disciples because of what Jesus said in the temple about today the scripture being fulfilled. As Peter, the hot-headed disciple, is about to throw a punch, Jesus says to Peter, turn the other cheek, and Peter pulls back and the people throw stones at them.

The disciples and Jesus hear news that John the Baptist has been beheaded. Although Jesus is clearly upset at the news, he says, "our work goes on, soon we go to Jerusalem." But Judas and other disciples say it's too soon, too dangerous and they're not ready to go to Jerusalem. But Peter responds, "Why are we here? To take the easy path? We must go to Jerusalem and take the message right to the heart of power."

the bible martha and lazarus tomb
Martha and the Disciples wait outside Lazarus' tomb in a scene from The History Channel's "The Bible" on Sunday, March 24, 2013. |

Episode 4 includes the scene where Jesus raises the dead Lazarus in the tomb with Martha witnessing it. As the formerly dead Lazarus comes out of his tomb with Jesus, all the disciples look astonished and Peter is smiling. Jesus says, "Whoever believes in me will never die. Believe in me and you will see the glory of God."

The Pharisees are told that Jesus raised someone from the dead and he will be in Jerusalem for Passover. The Pharisees want to stop Jesus because they fear he will draw a large crowd and the Roman soldiers will be angry.

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