Jude and Noah Deal with Relationship Problems in Upcoming Season of 'The Fosters'

Jude (Hayden Byerly) will have his own share of problems in the upcoming season of "The Fosters."

Executive producer Peter Paige told Entertainment Weekly that Callie (Maia Mitchell) will not be the only one to face hurdles in the new installment. Her brother Jude will also be tested by fate. The teen's relationship with Noah (Kalama Epstein) is expected to take center stage in the new episodes. Paige said they have something big planned for the couple, as they both continue to explore their relationship. Jude's mettle, he said, will be tested in the premiere.

Facebook/TheFostersTVJude will encounter hurdles in the next season of "The Fosters."

"He's got his own fish to fry, quite frankly. By the end of the premiere, Jude has his own fish to fry," the EP said. He adds: "But he does, in fact, put himself engaged in a difficult pursuit. ... There's also some Jude-Noah stuff, the continued development of their relationship."

Jude and Noah's relationship has been anything but smooth sailing. Noah has a marijuana problem. Jude sees no problem in trying out new things, even though he knows Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum) will not approve of them. They have been lenient with him so far, but Jude has always been a bit of a rebel. He thinks he is mature enough to handle things like an adult.

In an interview with TV Fanatic, Epstein talked about Jude and Noah's relationship. He acknowledged that the couple was still at the rebellious stage. Compared to Jude's connection to Connor (Gavin MacIntosh), though, the actor said "Joah's" is more mature.

"Yeah, it's a new chapter in Jude's life. They're a little bit more, it's a bit more mature, but at the same time they're still sneaking out constantly and being kind of rebellious teenagers," Epstein said.

"The Fosters" season 5 will premiere on Tuesday, July 11, at 8 p.m. EDT on Freeform.