'The Fosters' Season 5 Spoilers: Jude to Reunite with Biological Father

Facebook/TheFostersTVPromotional photo for "The Fosters" season 5

Jude's (Hayden Byerly) biological father, Donald (Jamie McShane), will return in the second half of the current season of "The Fosters."

In a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Bradley Bredeweg teased Jude's storyline in the new installment. According to him, the character would continue to be busy exploring the online gaming world. Jude will definitely enjoy becoming an influencer, earning recognition from other players, young and adult. His preoccupation with gaming will eventually lead to problems with his family. Jude will also get to see his dad again and, perhaps, talk about things that were previously taboo between them.

"Jude will continue to explore this online gaming world and what it means to get some recognition at a very young age... And perhaps it's too much pressure on these young, impressionable minds. Kids that need time to grow and breathe and play and live in a world where their youth and innocence should be nurtured and not constantly critiqued or awarded with chase and gifts.... And there might be a Donald moment coming up in season 5B, where he's reunited with his birth father," the EP teased.

Meanwhile, another storyline to look forward to is Mariana's (Cierra Ramirez). Season 5B will reportedly be the perfect time for her to fall in love again. Mariana's ex-boyfriends both made an appearance in the last finale. It was revealed that Nick (Louis Hunter) was the one who contacted her regarding an important information about the Anchor Beach Charter School. Then, there was Mat (Jordan Rodrigues), whom Mariana danced with during the prom.

Although the identity of Mariana's new love interest remains a mystery, many fans are keeping their fingers crossed that it is going to be Mat. When they parted ways, both were devastated. Mariana made the mistake of dating Nick, and Mat was left wounded.

"The Fosters" season 5B is expected to air next year.