'The Tomorrow People' Episode Spoilers: 'Keep Upping the Stakes'

The first season of hit CW show "The Tomorrow People" has started off with a bang, and the second half of the season promises to be no different. For spoilers from actor Luke Mitchell, who plays John on the show, read on.

Mitchell recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where he discussed his character and the show as a whole. Mitchell spoke about the hard-hitting pace at which the show has been moving.

"I just recently read 117, [and] I had to double-check the number of the episode because it read like a season finale. I was like, 'I don't know where we're going from here.' It felt like a season finale. It was so epic. We just seem to keep upping the stakes every episode," the actor told Entertainment Weekly.

Providing some spoilers, Mitchell teases that the next episode will be a difficult one for John.

"You should be pretty worried. Stephen is really concerned about his mom's new boyfriend, and the boyfriend's taking them all on a camping trip, so he feels like he has to be there to protect his family. In the same token, he's really concerned about Astrid. And so I say, 'Hey I'll keep an eye on Astrid, you look after your family.' At the end of the last episode, we see that Hillary, Stephen's new frenemy at Ultra, has seen that Astrid is privy to the fact that Stephen's a Tomorrow Person, and so basically Astrid becomes a target for Ultra essentially," he explained.

"It's kind of fun to play out because Astrid and John are so different, from completely different worlds," Mitchell continued. "They have a really interesting almost introduction scene. They've met before but not properly. And then Astrid's on the verge of being killed and John comes in and tries to save her and is literally shot. They have quite a few scenes together where Astrid has to try and help John because John can't teleport because he's too weak, so we delve into that."

"The Tomorrow People" airs on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on the CW.