'The Voice' Season 4 Winner? Danielle Bradbery Will Win, Says Adam Levine

The winner of "The Voice" will be revealed in Tuesday night and Danielle Bradbery, Michelle Chamuel and the Swon Brothers are hoping to be crowned winners.

The final contestants gave their last performance Monday hoping to leave one last impression with their national audience.

The Swon started off with The Eagles' "I Can't Tell You Why" with judge Adam Levine telling them, "I was pretty critical of the last Eagles tune you did, but I gotta say ... you guys did an amazing job."

Bradbery, 16, was next and gave a confident encore performance of Pam Tillis' "Maybe it was Memphis" and then followed that up by performing a duet to "Timber, I'm Falling in Love" by Patty Loveless with Blake Shelton.

"I'm one of the millions of people out there that you have wrapped around your finger. I just thank God that you came to 'The Voice' to debut yourself," Levine joked. "Your perfection is beginning to bore me at this point!"

Chamuel received a warm endorsement from Shakira, who stated that she deserved to be in the finals.

"I'm so glad that you made it to the end, because you're needed out there as an artist," Shakira told her.

Chamuel and Usher sang U2's "One" for their duet, and Chamuel also took on Annie Lenox's "Why" for her new song selection.

There was a host of predictions being floated during the show but Levine gave the most impassioned argument of why Bradbery's will win on Tuesday night.

"The crazy thing about your voice is it's just so unbelievably perfect and powerful," he said. "It's one of the better voices I think I've ever heard live ... And I'm just going to go ahead and say, I think Danielle's the winner of this thing," he said.