'Letters to God' Director: Theaters 'Threatening' to Pull Movie

The director of the latest faith-based movie to hit the big screen sent out a message this week asking for help from those wanting to touch millions of lives.

Though "Letters to God" made it into the box office top ten over its opening weekend, having only rounded out the list at No. 10, the movie will need to draw a lot more moviegoers this coming weekend to keep it going.

"In the movie world, in Hollywood world, that's not a very good showing," said David Nixon after the film's release last weekend. "And unfortunately, the theater owners are threatening to take the movie out of theaters because not enough people came this weekend."

That said, the movie director is encouraging the film's supporters to get their friends, family, and even church to see the movie this weekend or even purchase tickets in advance for following weekends.

"That would make all the difference," Nixon said. "We need to change this trend right now and get more people to come see the movie this weekend. And then hopefully the theater owners will keep it in theaters so that more people can see it."

This past weekend, "Letters to God" grossed $1.1 million across 897 theaters, giving it an average of $1.2 thousand per theater. The two movies ahead of it - "The Bounty Hunter" and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," which have both been out for four weeks - grossed around $1.4 thousand and $1.6 thousand per theater, respectively.

The top movie of the weekend, "Clash of the Titans," meanwhile grossed around $7.0 thousand per theater.

Produced by one of the filmmakers behind successful faith-based flicks "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof," "Letters to God" tells the story of a young cancer-stricken boy who corresponds regularly with God through prayers in the form of letters.

Though initially unsure about what to do with the letters, the beleaguered mailman assigned to deliver the ailing boy's letters over time comes to make a series of choices that will change his life and help the young boy touch the lives of those around him.

"We know this movie is going to touch millions of lives," Nixon said in his video message.

Presently, the movie has over 65,000 "fans" on Facebook and looks to continue building up the momentum that's picked up since the Christian community flexed its muscle in front of Hollywood with the release of "The Passion of the Christ."

The film's promoters are also connecting church leaders to the movie's website to provide them with resources, sermons, and other materials that will promote "Christ's compassionate care."

According to the Global Healing Center, one in three people will contract cancer, and one in four will die from the disease.

Knowing this, those behind the film say "Letters to God" is not just a movie, but it's a mission – "a mission to show people that through prayer and love, hope is spread."

The film was produced on a $3 million budget.