Tom Cruise and Others Use Bird Droppings to Keep Youthful Looks?

Tom Cruise has not lost his youthful good looks, and the secret may finally be known. Now magazine has reported that Cruise and other celebs such as David and Victoria Beckham use droppings from nightingales as part of a high-end beauty treatment.

The droppings are mixed with water and rice bran before being applied to the face and left to set. It's an unorthodox, yet organic, option to high-priced injections of Botox, which, according to one source, Cruise "doesn't go for, but he does pay close attention to all the new natural treatments."

"He recently started experimenting with the nightingale poo facial after it was recommended by a Hollywood pal and the results have been fantastic," the source revealed.

While it's unknown which Hollywood friend gave Cruise the inside tip, it could easily be one of the Beckhams or any number of A-list celebrities. Does the regimen actually work, though?

"The nightingale poo acts as an exfoliator that brings out the dirt and adds shine," beautician Shizuka Bernstein told Now magazine. And of course, organic is all the rage nowadays. Cruise is busier than ever, starring in the hit "Rock of Ages" and tending to his daughter and younger wife, Katie Holmes, who is 16 years his junior.

"Tom doesn't see splashing out on the facials as him being vain or weird. In fact, he points out there are much wackier fads out there. He's proud of himself for avoiding plastic surgery," the insider said.

Wife Katie is rumored to have used facial creams containing human placenta in order to achieve her glowing skin and prevent wrinkles. Eva Longoria is said to be a fan of the same cream.

Other "wackier fads" including using snake venom to tighten facial muscles and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and the use of leeches to remove dead skin cells.