Top 5 Tablets of 2012

2012 was a great year for mobile devices all around, as consumers saw the mini tablet market grow while the bar was raised significantly for the high-end tablet market by companies such as Google and Apple.

The Christian Post was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend some time with these tablets, and we have compiled a list of our favorites. Here are The Christian Post's top 5 tablets of 2012.

5: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a step up from its predecessor, with its beautiful HD screen and more powerful processor. It also gets points for its LTE connectivity. However, its display is not up to par with some of the competition, such as the 3rd- and 4th-generation iPad. It is sometimes overlooked, as it is not as popular as some of its less powerful competitors. Both the 7-inch and 10-inch versions provide the user with a comfortable experience. The device also undercuts the competition in the pricing department.

4: iPad Mini

The iPad Mini is basically a no-brainer. Apple grew weary of the new mini tablet market being dominated by the competition, and shrunk down one of its best- the iPad 2- to save the day. Though it lags a bit behind in specs and is a little pricey, the iPad Mini is still perfect for consumers looking for a reliable small-screened tablet. Apple rarely disappoints when it comes to releasing an efficient device, and did so once again with the iPad Mini.

3: Samsung Nexus 10

The Samsung Nexus 10 is arguably the most underrated tablet in the market. It has one of the finest displays, rivaling that of the 3rd-generation iPad, and is just as fast. The only issue with the Nexus 10 is that it comes with only Wi-Fi connectivity and cannot be used on major carriers. It's probably the best tablet money can buy for someone looking to use it in their home. It also integrates Android 4.2, JellyBean perfectly. At $399, you really can't beat the Nexus 10, but it can't play with the big dogs until it gains LTE capability.

2: Google Nexus 7

Asus and Google banded together in a plot to take over the 7-inch tablet market and it was successful. The two companies set out to release a smaller tablet with higher end qualities and also aimed to keep the price low. The device burst on the scene in the summer of 2012 and quickly became the hottest commodity in the tablet market. It also took the place of last year's wildly popular Amazon Kindle Fire by becoming the king of the 7-inch tablet market.

1: iPad- 3rd and 4th Generation

Even with all these other great tablets hitting the market, Apple still retained its title as king in 2012. The company launched the third generation iPad in March with its HD Retina display, which was unmatched for most of the year. The picture quality on the device was breathtaking and 4G connectivity also gave it a significant speed boost. The 4th generation model was released by Apple alongside the iPad Mini, featuring LTE capability and an A6X chip, which blows past the competition in terms of speed. It also kept the same display as the previous model.