Trayvon Martin's Family Sued by Insurance Company

Trayvon Martin's family is the focus of a lawsuit submitted by an insurance company looking to gain a clearer definition as to their exact role in the tragedy.

Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America filed the claim against Sybrina Fulton and The Retreat at Twin Lakes Homeowner's Association, the gated community where Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman in February.

The insurance company claims that it is not liable for any damages associated with homeowners association because of various clauses in the association's policy.

Local reports indicate that just over a month after Martin was killed, the homeowners association took out a liability policy with Travelers and soon after Fulton filed a claim related to her son's death.

"Travelers is in doubt of its rights under the policy and, by this petition, seeks a declaration of its rights and obligations with respect to the claim and demand made by Fulton upon Travelers and The Retreat at Twin Lakes as a result of the fatal shooting of Martin," said the company, according to court documents.

The document continues: "Travelers has no duty to indemnify or defend The Retreat at Twin Lakes in connection with the Fulton claim because coverage is precluded by the above exclusion."

Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Martin's family explained that the insurance company just needs clarification on its exact responsibilities.

"It's real simple: They are filing against the homeowners association and Sybrina because we are making a claim against them," he told the Orlando Sentinel.

"As lawyers we have to look out for our clients' interest. We are trying to see what coverages there are for the homeowners association and what's applicable. And Sybrina and Tracy [Martin, Trayvon's father], they're concerned about getting justice for their child," the attorney added.

A lawsuit has not officially been filed against the homeowners association on behalf of Martin's family, just a claim which allows for a lawsuit to be filed in the future.