Turkey Earthquake: Another Massive Quake Rocks Turkey, Dozens Buried Under Rubble

Another earthquake in Turkey has brought down multiple buildings on Wednesday; just two weeks after a 7.2 earthquake killed almost 600 people in the country.

The 5.7-quake struck in Van and caused a six-story hotel and at least 18 other buildings to collapse, according to state-run TRT television.

A witness told Fox News: "I stayed in this hotel a day after the first quake...The walls were cracked and the wall papers ripped."

TV footage showed residents and rescuers trying to rescue people believed to be stuck under the hotel. Thirty-five people are thought to be stuck under the debris.

Panicked people were shown running through the streets and ambulances rushed through the town to help in the rescue effort.

Hundred of aftershocks have struck the region since the first quake on Oct. 23. Some who live in the region have stayed in tents and are scared to return to their homes.