Vegas Bus Cures Hangover With IVs in 45 Minutes

There is a new service being offered by bus that claims it will cure any hangover that partygoers might be left with the next morning.

The new service is called Hangover Heaven, which was developed by board certified anesthesiologist Jason Burke, who uses his own combination of vitamins, medications and fluids which are then administered to "patients" on his mobile bus.

The procedure was approved by the Food and Drug Administration and Burke claimed that he can cure almost any type of hangover in 45 minutes.

"No matter what you drank the night before, if you are feeling like you want to curl up and die the next morning, Hangover Heaven can get you back to feeling good in about 45 minutes," according to a post on Burke's website.

The bus, which features two lounge areas and six bunk beds, will begin curing wary party goers of their hangovers starting April 14. And as an additional service, those who cannot make it to the mobile bus' location can have to bus come to them.

"Once on the bus, our physician will take a brief medical history, and assess your hangover severity score. Then, numbing medicine is applied to your skin and a small IV will then be placed…Most people find it completely painless. Then you start receiving the treatment," according to the website.

But the price for such treatments does not come cheap. There are currently three service packages that are offered.

The first package starts at $90 and includes intravenous hydration while the third package is a house call costing $400 and includes fluids, anti-nausea medicine as well as vitamins.

"Basically it's a cold tingly feeling. You just, you feel great. You feel refreshed, you feel crisp," according to a video testimonial from a patient named Alex.

"My hangover it absolutely gone," he added. "I have zero hangover. No more nausea, no more headache, I feel refreshed. I'm ready to go back out."