Vomiting Virus Outbreak Affects 8,400 School and Daycare Children

A vomiting virus outbreak has hit more than 8,000 children in Germany.

The outbreak seems to have occurred after the children ate food from school cafeterias or child daycare centers. Originally German authorities reported that 4,500 children had been affected by the virus, which sparks severe diarrhea and vomiting, but a latest update has put the figure at 8,400 children and could rise further still.

Officials in Berlin, as well as the nearby eastern German states reported the further outbreak on Saturday. They announced that a huge number of new gastroenteritis cases had been reported to them, and that the cause was still being investigated.

The authorities have stated that scientists were conducting a range of laboratory investigations to determine exactly what has happened and find the cause behind the severe outbreak.

In a majority of cases the sicknesses are not too severe and most have not needed to be hospitalized. Berlin's health department has reported that most are recovering at home resting after about two days, according to The Associated Press.

At least 16 cases of noro-virus have been confirmed in Saxony State, according to German news agency dapd.

Due to the outbreak affecting children from school cafeterias and child daycare centers it is believed that investigations will find that a certain food from a single supplier could be to blame. Those investigations are still ongoing.