Vonn, Woods Dating? Tiger and Olympic Skier Rumors Surface

Recent reports have revealed that Tiger Woods has began dating another woman following his high-profile divorce in 2010.

After a string of extra-marital affairs were made public, Woods split from his wife of six years, but he is now romantically linked to Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn.

The gossip arrives just days after Woods was reportedly seeking to reconcile with his ex-wife, Elin Nordergren.

"He wants to marry again," a source close to the legendary golfer told Star magazine. "And he thinks Lindsey could be the woman."

Another insider revealed that Vonn and Woods met through the ski community, according to Hollywoodlife.com.

Vonn's publicist, Lewis Kay, issued a statement on Thursday neither confirming nor denying the reports.

"Lindsey is currently in the midst of the World Cup season in Europe," the rep told USA Today. "Her focus is solely on competing and on defending her titles and thus she will not participate in any speculation surrounding her personal life at this time."

It is the first time Woods has been named in a notable relationship since his split from Nordergren, which resulted in a $110 million settlement.

Also a famous athlete, Vonn has been married before as well; the skier divorced her former coach Thomas Vonn last year.

Meanwhile, reports surfaced last week that Woods proposed marriage to Nordergren for a second time. Despite their messy divorce, the golfer allegedly proposed to the Swedish model around Christmastime, according to Daily Mail.

Woods was said to be determined to win back the mother of his children, and was reportedly devastated over the divorce. The former spouses share one daughter, Sam Alexis, age 5, and one son, Charlie Axel, age 3.

Furthermore, Nordergren is reportedly considering the proposal, but demanding a $350 million anti-cheating clause in the prenuptial agreement if they were to remarry.

"Tiger didn't even balk at the demand," a source close to the situation told Fox Sports. "Even though his accountants think he's crazy, he's ready to sign the pre-nup and set a wedding date."

"The guy has never recovered from being dumped by Elin," the insider added. "He's dated lots of models and bimbos, but none of them were more than a one-night stand."

At the time of the divorce, Woods apologized for his "irresponsible, selfish behavior" during a press conference.

While the Swedish model has not commented on her relationship with Woods, other reports have indicated that Nordergren is using the huge divorce settlement money on building a sprawling mansion in North Palm Beach, Fla., according to TMZ.

The home will be complete with a pool, spa, and koi pond, according to the entertainment website. Originally, the $12 million property came with a home built in the 1920s, but Nordergren's architect suggested that it would be more sensible to demolish the entire structure and start afresh rather than bring the home up to current hurricane safety codes.