'Westworld' Season 2 Spoilers, Plot News: More Extras Sought, All Types and Races

The cast of "Westworld" season 2 will be much more diversified. An open casting call in southern Utah, where the show films, is said to be looking for actors as extras from all types or races.

Facebook/WestworldHBOJimmi Simpson's character on "Westworld" will still be in the second season/

Utah dailies ran the open casting call for local actors interested in joining "Westworld" season 2. If chosen, the actors will begin work on the HBO set in late October.

"We are looking for Native American Indians, Chinese, Western men and women, military types," the casting call stated. "All types needed, all ethnicities and all ages."

The only distinct requirement from the actors, however, is for the men to have the right 1890s facial hair and the women to have natural single-tone hair color. It's assumed that the extras will not only appear on the western theme park that's the focus of the show as creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy previously hinted that a Roman World and Medieval World will also open in season 2.

Hiroyuki Sanada, Gustaf Skarsgård, Katja Herbers and Fares Fares have also been added to the supporting cast. Their presence further boosted speculations that the new installment will feature more worlds aside from the original theme park.

Meanwhile, Jimmi Simpson (William) confirmed that he will be back in season 2 despite viewers finding out in season 1 that he's the Man in Black. Simpson revealed that there are still plenty of questions about how the Man in Black came to be during a chat with IGN.

"They're going to answer for us as far as exactly how that transition occurred and what it felt like to him and other people," the actor said. Ed Harris plays his dark side's with the version in "Westworld" who became obsessed about reaching the center of the theme park so that he can uncover all of its secrets.

"Westworld" season 2 has no confirmed air date on HBO as of press time, except that it will be returning in 2018.