Wii U Updates Wii Sports With Downloadable HD Remake (VIDEO)

Nintendo announced today that Wii Sports will be getting an HD update on the Wii U with a new game called, Wii Sports Club.

The original game was released in 2006 and came with every new purchase of Nintendo's previous system, the Wii. In total the game sold 81.99 million units.

The game will work as a download, beginning on Nov. 7, and bowling, tennis, baseball, golf, and boxing will all be downloadable individually.

Bowling and tennis will be in the Nintendo eShop first, with the three others becoming available in the next few months.

Nintendo is offering two ways to play the games. A gamer may download a game pass for $2 that will give them 24 hour access to the game, or they can pay $10 be given permanent access to the game.

New features in the game besides the improved graphics are enhanced controls due to the Wii MotionPlus, and the ability to play online against other gamers. According to Gamespot, players can chat through the Miiverse, and you are placed on a regional or state club team that keeps track of rankings.

See the trailer here.

Other recent news involves Nintendo updating their Miiverse to make it more of a social network.

Users are now allowed to post on their Activity Feeds and on their friend's feed. Previously Wii U users were able to only communicate with people in certain games.

The Activity Feed is only able to be seen by those that are in the user's friend network, much like a Facebook with privacy settings.

According to Joystiq, Miiverse will be coming to the 3DS sometime before 2014.