World Report: BGEA 'My Hope,' Greece, Christian Persecution, Romney

After 34 years, a small band of translators have finally completed and delivered an Inuit-language bible . The 1.7 million dollar joint project of the Canadian Bible Society and the Anglican Church, is set to be launched on June 3 in a ceremony at the igloo-shaped St. Jude's Anglican Cathedral in Iqaluit. Five Inuk Anglican ministers led the project. It is the first time in Canada—according to the Canadian bible Society that the entire translation was done by mother tongue speakers of the language rather than by missionaries. When the translators encountered non-existent terms in the language — like pomegranates and camels — they borrowed the English word.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is recruiting churches across Canada to train some of their members in evangelism. This is in preparation for the launch of its "My Hope" telecast. The Canada version involves friends sharing Jesus with friends with the help of broadcasts and videos. It's being planned for November 2013. The relationship-based ministry has reached 57 countries. The website also tells of a massive, nationwide American outreach in November 2013.

Radical left Greek leader Alexis Tsipras says he will not join nor support a pro-bailout coalition government because he cannot agree to what he calls a mistake. The country is in a state of crisis and his continued refusal makes new elections more likely.

According Persecution Watchdog Open Doors: despite Communist North Korea topping its World Watch List for the ninth straight year, the toughest countries to practice Christianity are overwhelmingly Islamic ones. Of the top ten in 2011, eight of those have Islamic majorities. In seven of them persecution has increased. Top three: Iran, clamping down on the growing house church movement; Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

A significant poll is out showing support for Mitt Romney and Obama. Public Religion Research Institute has found that 67 percent of White evangelical Christians favor Romney over Obama, even though they believe Mormons hold different beliefs. Only 22 percent of that group would vote for Obama. The results are consistent with a recent poll conducted by Barna group.

Does your boss have any business in your Facebook Account? A group of lawmakers in the U.S. want to make sure your boss can't get into your Facebook or email account. New legislation would make it illegal for employers to force workers to reveal passwords.

The Act combats the recent trend of employers trying to monitor private messages; messages that could be embarrassing or contain damaging information. Employers violating the law could be fined 10-thousand dollars.

A blind person can depend on a seeing eye dog. But what does a blind dog depend on? CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on two dogs that see eye to eye but one keeps the other on a short leash.