WWE Rumors: Which Titles Will Change Hands in Battleground 2017 PPV?

WWEWWE Battleground promotional

With less than one month to go before WWE Smackdown's pay-per-view event Battleground 2017, a few titles are expected to change hands after the event. So which champions are in danger of being stripped of their title?

Despite the hype surrounding Battleground, it is hardly the main event everyone is anticipating. The pay-per-view event is merely dress rehearsals paving the way for SummerSlam.

But that doesn't mean titles aren't on the line come July 23. But while wrestling prowess is certainly a factor, every fan knows that it's all about the showmanship.

The first title that could is the Women's Championship currently held by Naomi. But holding the title doesn't mean a wrestler deserves it and judging from her last match against Lana, she doesn't appear to be able to hold it very long.

That being said, there are hardly any contenders other than Carmella. But will she really cash in her briefcase at Battlegrounds or wait for SummerSlam? Something tells the guys at Bleacher Report, it's probably the latter.

Next up is the Tag Team Championships currently held by the Usos. Jimmy and Jey snatched the title at Money in the Bank and like the Women's Championship, they appear unable to hold it for long.

The New Day, on the other hand, has had a stellar performance in the past two years. If there's any tag team in Smackdown that deserves that title, it would be Woods, Big E, and Kingston. And they might just get it come Battleground.

And then there's the coveted WWE championship currently held by Jinder Mahal. The Indo-Canadian wrestler will defend his title against veteran Randy Orton in a Punjabi Prison match. While the match does bring in an air of excitement the same way Hell in a Cell did for Batista and Triple H in the olden days, it's very unlikely that a title change will occur.

This is mostly because Battleground is hardly a big enough stage considering that SummerSlam is fast approaching. Nevertheless, Orton could claim the title and face Mahal in a rematch come August.