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'You Created This Mess, Now You Fix It,' Judge Jeanine Pirro Tells President Obama on Border Crisis

'You Created This Mess, Now You Fix It,' Judge Jeanine Pirro Tells President Obama on Border Crisis

Judge Jeanine Pirro. | (Photo: Screen Grab via Fox News)

Fox News legal analyst and television personality Judge Jeanine Pirro skewered President Barack Obama on her show Sunday, accusing him of attempting to use the ongoing border crisis as a "Trojan horse" to change the demographics of the U.S. electorate and advised him to go "fix it" himself.

"Barack Obama is intentionally using the immigration crisis as an excuse to change the demographics and ultimately the electorate of this nation," said Pirro in the opening statement of her show. "The latest, a Trojan horse adding to a long line of scandals, screw ups, shocking stupidity, or maybe shocking shrewdness. Yes, a Trojan horse using children to advance his political party, his agenda and his legacy. As coyotes — human smugglers hired to bring children into the United States — deliver them by the thousands with the help of Mexico, a public health danger, a law enforcement nightmare and yet another tax burden is created, courtesy of Barack Obama."

She continued, "So this week, President Obama refused to go to the border to see the crisis he created. Instead, he'd rather run off to a golf course or play pool. And in true Obama fashion, he wants $4 billion of our dollars to fix this, only 2 percent, by the way, of which would go to close the border."

"And since nothing is his fault, he says that if only those Republicans and the Texas delegation would work with him, this could be solved. With all due respect, Mr. President, you created this mess, now you fix it! You invited them in, now you solve it! Take that pen and that phone of yours, and make it right," she bluntly advised.

According to USA Today, more than 40,000 children from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador have turned themselves in at the border since last October. By comparison in 2011, fewer than 4,000 children from those countries crossed the border.

Pirro, however, challenged the harmless, vulnerable description of the children at the border citing that they posed more of a challenge to the U.S. than a simple "humanitarian crisis."

"Now you say, 'Come on, these are babies! This is a humanitarian crisis.' And I say, 'We all love babies, but most of the 'babies' coming here are between the ages of 14 and 17, and three-quarters of those 14 to 17 year olds are males.' So much for that image of Border Patrol spending all their time changing diapers," said Pirro.

"And I've got more bad news for you: gang signs located at the holding facilities entice those male teens to join MS-13, one of the most violent gangs in the world," she added.

Pirro suggested that the border crisis has now become a loophole for "drug cartels," "gang bangers" and "even terrorists" to enter the U.S. and it is unconscionable that President Obama would ask the American people to pay for people to illegally enter the country.

"Mr. President, there's a reason we think you're the worst president in recent history. We don't trust you. We don't believe you. We don't think you're capable of leading the country. Illegally entering the United States is not a right to citizenship," said Pirro.

"And don't tell us we're heartless because we believe in the rule of law, which is the foundation upon which our country was founded. Now, how many American children won't be able to go to school because these kids, many with communicable diseases, are in our classrooms? The American people want answers from you, Mr. President," she asserted.

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