'A Nightmare': As Trans Issue Impacts Kids, Horror Sparks Massive Awakening, Journalist Says

The Christian Post's Brandon Showalter continues to sound the alarm on how the transgender issue is impacting children and vulnerable populations, with his latest effort — an in-person event titled, "Unmasking Gender Ideology: Confronting Transgenderism and Protecting Children" — opening eyes on the real-life horrors unfolding.

"We made very clear how we see this issue ... as a Christian publication who refuses to be quiet about it," Showalter said of the event.

Among the many issues discussed during "Unmasking Gender Ideology" is the chaos unfolding in women's prisons that have admitted biological men, an issue not given much attention in the mainstream.

"It sounds like such a nightmare that this couldn't possibly be real," Showalter said of the prison issue, noting the public seems more generally to be awakening to what's unfolding across the nation. "A critical mass has awakened where people realize, 'No, this is impacting my kids' ... there are children being taught in schools."

Listen to Showalter discuss the event.

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