Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall In Florida, New Italian PM Defends God And Family, Covenant Eyes Privacy Concerns

Top headlines for Thursday, September 29, 2022

After leaving 11 million people without power in Cuba, Hurricane Ian became a catastrophic Category 4 hurricane early Wednesday with winds up to 155 mph as it moves closer to Port Charlotte and the southwestern coast, where it's expected to make landfall by the afternoon and is predicted to cause life-threatening flooding.

Italy has elected Giorgia Meloni, its first female prime minister, whose focus on protecting the institution of the family and national identity has caused some media outlets to compare her ideology to "fascism."

Derwin Gray has rejected the idea of being "colorblind" and instead wants churches to focus on the "race of grace" that all people should belong to.

After an unflattering article in WIRED, Covenant Eyes acknowledged it has many of the same concerns and says churches shouldn't use its program to spy on congregants.

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